Why I Do What I Do

Taking care of home is my first priority.  Everything that I do is directly influenced by the fact that I am a wife and mother.  The posts on this blog will always be the result of something that has happened, or is currently happening, in my life with my family.

I earned the title of “patented inventor” a few years ago after I decided to give up teaching Language Arts to stay at home with my daughter full-time.  Due to my two years of breastfeeding I was inspired to create the patented GoPillow!  I needed a breastfeeding pillow that was portable AND that provided breastfeeding privacy in public places.  During a trip to Disney World in Florida I had to breastfeed in a crowded area because I was caught in a rain storm.  It was then that an idea that I had for a portable breastfeeding pillow was improved to include a built-in nursing cover-up.  The GoPillow! solved several problems that mothers often run into when away from home with a baby or toddler. As a result, I patented the BEST travel product that a family could ever use on an airplane, bus, car, or train trip.  It can be used with babies and by children.  I am now the owner and President of Simply Necessary, Incorporated in Lakeland, Florida. I founded the company to market and distribute the GoPillow!  (Orders from Kushies Baby would be greatly appreciated.)

Family and friends would often tell me that I should figure out a way to share family and parenting tips.  In 2009, as a way to utilize my Creative Writing degree and share my ideas and experiences with other families, I became a Local and National contributor for an online news outlet. My articles were viewed and read by people across the country. They were frequently listed among the “Recommended Articles” and the “Popular Articles” on the website.  So…I decided that I needed to start my own blog so that I could post freely about whatever I want, whenever I want.


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