How to dress comfortably for a theme park visit

Most theme park visits will last for several hours if not all day. Dressing comfortably is one of the smartest things guests can do. No matter how fashion forward a person typically likes to be, comfort should be the number one priority when dressing for a day at a theme park. Clothes that are too tight, or that do not allow freedom of movement, can make the day less enjoyable. Light-weight, loose-fitting, breathable fabrics are ideal.

Cotton and terry cloth are good fabric choices, especially during the warmer months of the year. It’s important to remember that darker colored fabrics tend to hold in heat. Lighter fabric colors have a tendency to be cooler because they reflect heat. Clothes that allow for frequent getting on and off of rides should be worn. Visors and hats can provide sun protection, but may have to be removed for some rides.

Jeans, Khakis, and sweat shirts are perfect for fall and winter months. Shorts and t-shirts are theme park staples in the summer. Capri pants and walking shorts are also good to wear in warm weather. Maxi dresses are an excellent option for females when the weather is hot because they’re loose fitting and comfortable. Plus, they offer leg coverage without being confining. Dresses should not be too short. Wearing shorts underneath mini dresses would be advisable.

Water rides become more popular when the temperature goes up. Wearing a bathing suit top underneath a t-shirt is an option for girls and women if they’re likely to get wet. They can remove the t-shirt for the ride and put it back on once their bathing suit top dries. Guests that ride water rides, and those that experience sudden rain showers, sometime find out the hard way that some fabrics do not wear well when they get wet. Rayon, silk, and satin fabrics can feel heavy and sticky when wet. In some cases those fabrics don’t allow good air flow in hot weather.

Shoes are required at all theme parks. Wearing the wrong shoes can ruin the entire day. Sandals and flip-flops that would normally be considered comfortable may not work out well for a day at a theme park.  Many of the parks consist of several acres. That means there will be a lot of walking.  Painful blisters and calluses can result from walking around all day in the wrong kind of shoes.  Theme parks are no place for high heels.  Shoes with no ankle support and no shock absorption can leave a park guest with aching feet and an aching back by the end of the day. Investing in a good pair of walking shoes before a theme park visit is money well spent. Take a look at the Mayo Clinic’s suggestions for selecting the right walking shoes.

Fifteen year old April Spielman found out the hard way that there are some specific dress code restrictions at Disney World. She was informed that her Tinkerbell costume violated a Disney policy. Disney World theme parks have a dress code for their guests.

There can be extreme temperature changes if a visit stretches from morning until night. Bringing along a sweater or jacket is always a good idea. Drastic cool downs are possible after an evening rain, even during the summer months. When visiting a theme park with children it’s not a bad idea to pack an extra outfit just in case.


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