Advice for new parents: make noise while your baby is asleep!

Getting enough sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. So having a baby that takes regular naps is a blessing. If your baby naps on a set schedule that’s a double blessing. New parents can practice specific behaviors to encourage their babies to sleep.

Oddly enough, making noise is an important part of making sure a baby sleeps well. New parents often make the mistake of trying to be extra quiet so that their baby will stay asleep. That could become a problem. If a baby becomes accustomed to quiet or silence, he or she may become too sensitive to sleep when there’s noise or action going on. If new parents go about business as usual during a baby’s nap time, and speak at a normal volume from day one, the baby will be more likely to sleep comfortably no matter what’s going on in the house.

It’s believed that babies can hear muffled sounds around them while in the womb. Having a “white noise” device like the Cloud b Sleep Sheepcan be comforting to a newborn. It plays calming sounds from nature that include spring showers, ocean surf, and a whale song. It also plays a sound that mimics a mother’s heartbeat. It has a sleep-timer option of 23 or 45 minutes. A Velcro tab makes the Cloud b Sleep Sheep attachable to a baby’s crib. It runs on two AA batteries.

Playing music during nap time may be somewhat soothing to most babies. Playing music, audibly but softly, during a baby’s nap may increase his or her music appreciation later in life. Playing a variety of music will introduce the baby to different musical styles at an early age. Alternating nap styles, both with music and without, might also be a good idea. It will discourage dependence on music for napping.

New parents should not allow the baby’s nap time to lock them down. They should try running errands or visiting with family or friends during the baby’s nap time on occasion. This will encourage a new baby to fall asleep no matter where he or she is at nap time. Babies that will only sleep at home, or under specific conditions can make life extremely difficult for new parents. Allowing trusted family members to put the baby down for a nap will also encourage him or her to accept others as caregivers. That can be essential for working parents that will need to utilize daycare or baby sitters.


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