Shop for several holidays and occasions at the same time

One of the biggest mistake shoppers make during the holiday season is not thinking ahead. Most people shop for the gifts they need for only one holiday at a time. A money saving tactic is to think ahead and purchase gift items that work for more than one holiday or special occasion.

Gold and silver gift bags, gift boxes, and ribbons can be used for Christmas and wedding or anniversary gifts. Red gift bags, ribbons, and party items that are clearanced at the end of the Christmas season work perfectly well for Valentine’s Day gifts and parties just a few months later. Gift items printed with hearts for Valentine’s Day are usable for anniversaries, birthdays, even Mother’s Day. Buy heart printed items after February 14th at extremely discounted prices. Products printed with flowers and spring motifs for Easter work well as Mother’s Day or anytime gifts.

Buying seasonal clothing when those items are in high demand will result in paying a higher price for them. Every season of the year is guaranteed to come around again the next year. Stretch the family dollar by buying seasonal gear like gloves, coats, and jackets for next year when stores put those items on clearance this year.

Buy food products that are popular in the home while they’re on sale. Some shelf-stable food items can be stored for weeks, months, even years. The holiday season is the perfect time to stockpile spices, cake mixes, brownie mixes, cookie mixes, canned broth, stock, etc. Families prone to consume large quantities of non-perishable food items should take advantage of holiday sales. Stock the pantry and cabinets with the family’s favorites when they’re at their lowest prices.


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