Valentine’s Day: practical gifts

Flowers are beautiful to look at.  Candy is sweet to eat. But practical people may appreciate practical gifts more.  A gift that shows that you really know the recipient well has the most meaning.

Candy should be eaten in moderation.  So instead of presenting your sweetheart with a huge box of candy, give her (or him) a gift card for a favorite restaurant.  Include a note telling your valentine to have a drink, breakfast, lunch, or dinner on you whenever he or she wishes.

Ladies love to look good.  Guys do too.  Why not give your valentine a gift card or gift certificate for a visit to a favorite salon or spa.  Even better, pay for the pampering as a prelude to a date.  Send your date to the salon to have his or her hair (and nails) done.  Then go out for a night on the town.

Lighten the load for someone you love for Valentine’s Day.  Pay for maid service to take care of the housekeeping.  It could be a one time cleaning, or several visits over a longer period of time.  Treat whomever takes care of the outdoor maintenance for the home to a mini vacation.  Pay for lawn service so they can have some time to just relax.

If money is an issue, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to perform a “labor of love”.   Wash your sweetheart’s car.  Organize his or her closet.  Clean the windows.  Clean out the refrigerator.  Prepare a space for a garden that can be planted with flowers, fruit, herbs, or vegetables in the spring.  Make a homemade gift certificate relieving your significant other of a chore that he or she dreads for the entire month of February.  Your valentine will certainly feel the love.




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