How to make a sandwich more super

Many sandwiches are composed of meat, cheese, and some type of vegetables.   According to Wikipedia, the first time the word “sandwich” was used in English was in author and historian Edward Gibbon‘s journal.  Eighteenth century English aristocrat, John Montagu (the 4th Earl of Sandwich), is said to have ordered meat tucked between two pieces of bread.  Wikipedia states, “It is commonly said that Lord Sandwich was fond of this form of food because it allowed him to continue playing cards, particularly cribbage, while eating, without using a fork, and without getting his cards greasy from eating meat with his bare hands.”  So, others began to say, “the same as Sandwich”.

Sandwich Veggie Side Only

No matter how simple or complex, if food items are eaten between two pieces of bread, the combination is typically identified as a sandwich.  But sandwiches don’t always have to be typical.  Never settle for plain old mayonnaise and mustard.  Toppings can go beyond lettuce and tomatoes.  Sandwiches can be more tasty  with creative spreads and toppings.

Plated Sandwich 3 Pieces

Opt for aioli instead of plain mayonnaise.  (Simply defined, aioli is seasoned mayonnaise.)  Homemade aioli is easy to make.  Stir the spices of your choice into mayo; experiment with flavors.  Step up from regular yellow mustard.  Try using honey mustard, spicy brown mustard, or Dijon mustard instead.  Top sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes, and as many colorful veggies as possible.  Instead of plain white bread, choose a whole-grain bread for added texture.  Or, try a light, dark, marbled, or pumpernickel rye.  Flatbread, ciabatta, and pita bread are all excellent options.  Cheese lovers can add a slice of provolone, mozzarella, swiss, or one of the numerous kinds of cheddar cheese.

Complete Sandwich Put Together

The sandwich pictured was made with the following:  multi-grain bread, aioli, honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, banana peppers, shredded carrots, ham, and salami.


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