How necessity made me a “mother of invention”

Trying to lauch a new product as an unknown inventor is like trying to catch fairies in a slippery, glass jar without a lid.  It seems nearly impossible.  Yet, when you know you have an idea that is worthwhile you can not walk away from it.  The feeling that one more call, one more email, or one more introduction to the right person is all it will take to become successful haunts you.  In my case it turned out to be true.

My journey into the world of entrepreneurship began with my desire to make public breastfeeding easier and more discreet without sacrificing comfort.  I realized that a retractable privacy blanket would separate my idea for a wearable, portable breastfeeding pillow from any other nursing pillow on the market. A built-in privacy cover-up earned me a patent, and turned my invention into a multipurpose wonder!  Using money from our savings we (my mother, my husband, and I) proceeded to pay for the necessary costs to bring my product (that I eventually named the GoPillow) to market.  

Tangela Holding GoPillows Kushies Photo 2
The wearable, portable GoPillow can be used from birth and well beyond.

Moms immediately recognized all of the other baby gear that my one product could replace.  They reached out to me from all over the world.  Because of them, I was determined to make my invention available everywhere.  I soon learned, however, that without a more established distributor behind it the GoPillow would remain mostly undiscovered.  I needed to convince decision makers (who were often male) to see the value of distributing my product.  I needed them to understand that mothers and caregivers would want my product if they could just see it.  So, I summoned all of my knowledge and expertise as a wife, mother, and effective communicator.  I sought the right company to work with me.  After scouring the world-wide web day after day, I finally found a company whose mission statement spoke to me.

Having lost quite a bit of optimism at that point, I reached out to Kushies Baby.  To my delight I received a response.  A representative from the company listened to my story.  She asked questions.  We connected.  She believed in my idea.  More importantly, she believed in me.  Things began to move in a positive direction.  Finally, my mom-invented product went from being a local novelty to being available worldwide thanks to Kushies Baby!

Read:  “The Story Behind the GoPillow

Click this link to place an order:  Kushies GoPillow


Kushies GoPIllow - 4 Images

Video Demonstration of the Kushies GoPillow:


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