Craft Activity: Felt Pillows

Felt is one of the handiest crafting materials ever!  It’s like a cross between fabric and construction paper.  It’s easy to cut with scissors.  It can be glued.  It can be sewn.  [It can even be stapled for some activities.]  Felt crafts are easy and fun to do any time, but especially for holidays.  Felt pillows can be made by children and adults.  They can be as simple or intricate as desired.

Materials Needed:

  • Sheets of colored felt
  • Filler [Poly-fil Polyester, cotton, shredded paper, etc.]
  • Scissors
  • Glue or thread
  • Sewing needle [Always supervise children when working with needles.]
  • Stencil shapes
  • Essential oils [optional]


Choose the desired shape for the pillow.

Choose two pieces of felt large enough to make the desired pillow shape.

Cut two pieces of felt into the desired pillow shape; the felt pieces should be exactly the same size and shape – mirror images of each other.

If desired, use additional felt pieces to cut out embellishments for the pillow.

Glue or sew embellishments onto the outside of the felt shapes that will form the finished pillow.  [If using glue to attach embellishments, allow the glued embellishments to dry completely before continuing.]

Glue or sew the two pieces of felt that will form the pillow together (around the outer edges) leaving an opening large enough to insert the filler.  [If using glue, allow the glue to dry completely before filling the pillow.]

Fill the “pillow” with *scented or un-scented filler to create the desired firmness. [The filler may need to be manipulated slightly to distribute it evenly inside the pillow.]

Once filled, finish sewing the pillow completely closed.  [If using glue, fill the pillow then finish glueing it closed.]

The two pieces of felt used to form the pillow do not have to be the same color.  Bi-colored pillows are pretty.  When sewing a pillow, using a thread color that contrasts with the pillow color and its embellishments can add to the uniqueness of the pillow.  The stitches on the pillow do not have to be precise; hand sewn stitches add to the charm of the pillow and make it look rustic.

*Adding a few drops of essential oil to the filler before putting it inside the pillow allows it to double as a sachet (a small perfumed object used to scent a space).

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